Hamilton top favourite

Hamilton's odds 5/1 =6.00 decimal to win championship in China. Lewis Hamilton goes into this weekend’s penultimate GP with a five point lead in the Drivers’ Championship standings and can take the title in China if he scores six points more than Felipe Massa.

Sky Bet has opened a book on how the Drivers’ Championship will be won and quote 5/1 for Hamilton to clinch it on Sunday. It’s 4/7 for the Brit to seal victory in the last race in Brazil, 5/2 for Massa to win the Championship on home soil in São Paulo and 20/1 for Robert Kubica, currently trailing Hamilton by 12 points, to pull off a shock title victory in Brazil. Sky Bet Odds: How will the title be won? Hamilton in Brazil 4/7, Massa in Brazil 5/2, Hamilton in China 5/1, Kubica in Brazil 20/1. F1 Drivers Championship 2008 odds: Hamilton 2/7, Massa 5/2, Kubica 20/1.