PokerPaddy C*A*S*H VIP programme generous!

Paddy Points are an added bonus and a great reason to play on They are earned automatically every time you play in a cash game hand or enter a real money tournament on

Paddy Points can be exchanged for tournament tokens or cash bonuses as part of our C*A*S*H VIP programme - if you have enough, you can snag a cash bonus of $100,000! They also can be used to enter any of our point tournaments, which are held several times a day.

The more Paddy Points you earn in a calendar month, the higher rank in our C*A*S*H VIP army you achieve and the better your rewards.

Here are some important points which may help you understand the Paddy Points system a little better:

  • Once you are involved in a pot that generates rake, you are earning Paddy Points. Please read the raked hand table to get a much better understanding of exactly how many Paddy Points you are earning.
  • The amount of rake taken per pot is capped, so there is a maximum to the amount of points which can be earned per hand, regardless of the pot size.
  • No rake is taken from pots preflop therefore, if a flop is not seen no points are awarded. If a flop is seen, it simply means some body has called a bet, creating a pot, and that generates Paddy Points.
  • Of course, the more pots you play, the more points you get. So if you call a bet and the pot builds, you will gain more Paddy Points. If you stay out of the hand you won't.
  • The amount of Paddy Points you earn is proportional to the amount of money you put in the pot. This is based on the Weighted Contribution System which fairly calculates the amount of rake you generate in each hand, and rewards you as such